The BODEN Reisszeuge BAVARIA GMBH company was originally Reisszeugfabrik Emskirchen E. Boden.

The Reisszeugfabrik Emskirchen E. Boden company is the successor to the Reisszeugfabrik Boden and Joh. Christian Lotter, founded in Emskirchen in 1892. The two owners, Lotter and Edmund Boden, directed the company together for a number of years before they split and each founded their own company. Since, after the collapse of the stocking industry, there was great poverty in the town of Wilhelmsdorf just 3 km away, thus the Government offered Edmund Boden property at a very reasonable price in order to set up his own company in Wilhelmsdorf.

That was the beginning of the production of technical drawing instruments in Wilhelmsdorf.

The technical drawing instruments factory E. Boden has ever since been manufacturing in Wilhelmsdorf. The Boden company generated further companies in Wilhelmsdorf, with the result that the global largest manufacture of compasses and technical drawing instruments developed here in the following years. It is said that in these years Wilhelmsdorf was responsible for approx. 25% of the global production of compasses.

The collapse in the price of compasses forced famous companies such as Joh. Christian Lotter and a few other significant manufacturers of technical drawing instruments to either sell their companies or declare bankruptcy. This is why the Boden company took over Joh. Christian Lotter in 1980, including the full complement of machinery of a well established technical drawing instruments factory in Nuremberg. The price collapse soon prompted the Boden family to look for manufacturing facilities abroad, at times in Mexico and in Korea.

After several trips to China in 1995-96, the decision was made to create an own manufacturing facility for compasses in the People's Republic of China. This manufacturing location proved successful, setting the course for ongoing further development.

Today, our own factory in China has 200 employees, manufacturing compasses for beginners and professionals alike. In 2007, the increased demand and the resulting capacity bottlenecks led us to launch another facility in China, with a staff of 600, in order to better meet the demands of our customers.

Compasses for professional draftsmen and technical colleges are still manufactured in Wilhelmsdorf, as are special instruments. Today, in the 4th generation, the BODEN Reisszeuge BAVARIA GMBH company is still in the hands of the Boden family.