Geometry compass and large bow compass with metal head
"Made in Germany"

This compass was developed for use in professional life and in study. The solid newly developed mechanical design of the head and the threaded bushes cast in special material eliminate all play in the fine adjustment center wheel spindle, enabling particularly accurate drawing.

This compass is also available as a quick-action model at additional cost.

Geometriezirkel und gro├čer Teilzirkel mit Metallkopf

0062002-01 in plastic pouch / 100gr.

0062002-03 in case / 169gr.

0072002-01 in plastic pouch / 100gr.

0072002-03 in case / 169gr.

0072033-01 in plastic pouch / 111gr.

0072033-03 in case / 180gr.

0072034-01 in plastic pouch / 138gr.

0072034-03 in case / 202gr.

Technical data

  • Length: 165 mm
  • Circles up to: 370 mm
  • Working range with extension rod: 600 mm
  • Spigot size for adaptors: 4 mm
  • Basic material is brass MS 58
  • Surface is silky matt, nickel plated

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