Quick-action compass with leverage "Made in Germany"

This quick-action compass is characterised both by its robust design and its excellent price-performance ratio.

The two pressure levers allow quick setting with automatic spindle lock. The center wheel allows for fine adjustment. The compass is available with two solid legs or with two joints.

Quick-action compass with leverage

0085002-01 in plastic pouch / 111gr.

0085002-03 in case / 175gr.

0095002-01 in plastic pouch / 111gr.

0095002-03 in case / 175gr.

0095033-01 in plastic pouch / 122gr.

0095033-03 in case / 186gr.

0095034-01 in plastic pouch / 166gr.

0095034-03 in case / 230gr.

0095036-01 in plastic pouch / 175gr.

0095036-03 in case / 239gr.

0095005-01 in plastic pouch / 164gr.

0095005-03 in case / 228gr.

Technische Zeichnungen

Technical data

  • Length: 165 mm
  • Circles up to: 370 mm
  • Working range with extension rod: 600 mm
  • Spigot size for adaptors: 4 mm
  • Basic material is brass MS 58

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