Quick-action compass with self-running spindle "Made in Germany"

This quick-action compass was developed for professional draftsmen and students requiring simple and quick adjustment of the compass.

The radius of the circle can be set with one hand. Mechanical self-centering of the instrument eliminates all play.

Schnellverstellzirkel mit selbstlaufender Mitteltriebspindel Serie

0100002-01 in plastic pouch / 109gr.

0100002-03 in case / 173gr.

0110033-01 in plastic pouch / 122gr.

0110033-03 in case / 186gr.

0110002-01 in plastic pouch / 109gr.

0110002-03 in case / 173gr.

0110034-01 in plastic pouch / 136gr.

0110034-03 in case / 252gr.

0110005-01 in plastic pouch / 164gr.

0110005-03 in case / 228gr.

Technical drawings

Technical data

  • Length: 160 mm
  • Circles up to: 330 mm
  • Working range with extension rod: 580 mm
  • Spigot size for adaptors: 4 mm
  • Basic material is brass MS 58

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