Telescoping compass and engineering series "Made in Germany"

These instruments are characterized by their extremely robust metal design.

The re-adjustable helical gears withstand even heavy duty. The compasses comply with the German DIN standard.

Teleskop-Zirkel und Techniker-Serie

0015004-01 in plastic pouch / 65gr.

0015004-03 in case / 104gr.

0015156-01 in plastic pouch / 60gr.

0015156-03 in case / 99gr.

in plastic pouch / 62gr.

0015002-03 in case / 101gr.

in plastic pouch / 66gr.

0020002-03 in case / 105gr.

Technische Zeichnungen

Technical data

  • Length: 155 mm
  • Circles up to: 460 mm
  • Working range with extension rod (engineering series): 620 mm
  • Telescoping series working range to: 580 mm
  • Spigot size for adaptors: 4 mm
  • Basic material is brass MS 58
  • Surface is silky matt, nickel plated

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